30 wardrobe essentials every modern gentleman should have in his closet

1. Good Tailored Suit

Everyone should own at least one pair of suit. You never know when you would need it. Fit plays the major role in case of suits, an ill-fitting expensive suit can look really cheap and normal range suit can look expensive if its fit is good. If you are buying a suit for the first time then two buttoned navies blue or grey suit works well. You can wear it to a meeting or a wedding.

Men wardrobe essentials by Fashion Oomph!

2. Blue Blazer or Sports Jacket

Since you can’t wear a full suit all the time and for all the occasion, a blazer is a lifesaver then. It doesn’t look too formal but at the same time separates you from the crowd. It’s perfect for those occasions where you are uncertain whether to wear a suit or just a shirt. It’s the backbone of man’s closet. It looks ultra stylish, it can class up any outfit. Corduroy fabric navy blazer looks elegant as it should a look different from your suit jacket and it is the perfect business casual.

Men wardrobe essentials by Fashion Oomph!

3. The Trenchcoat

Trench coat is a timeless classic which has a military history. You can wear it over a suit or jeans, it’s a great investment chilly months. Though now you can wear it all year round as it is a stylish piece of garment and is available in different fabrics. A beige color trench coat looks sharp and simply elegant.

Men wardrobe essentials by Fashion Oomph!

4. Denim Jacket

I am sure I don’t have to talk about this versatile closet essential. Wear it with shirt, T-Shirt, sweatshirt, with a pair of denim. Casual and most comfortable piece. Check out AJIO’s collection of Denim Jackets

Men wardrobe essentials by Fashion Oomph!

5. Bomber Jacket

Stylish outerwear, a light fabric bomber jacket can be worn year round.

Fashion Oomph! wardrobe essentials for every men

6. Crew Neck or V-Neck Jumper

A crew neck or V-neck jumper looks classy as well as keeps you warm. Jumper is also a very versatile piece, you can wear it with a shirt or can layer it. This is an evergreen product, choose a lightweight that can be layered and can be wear-by-itself also.

Fashion Oomph! wardrobe essentials for every men

7. Sherwani or Kurta

If you are an Indian one traditional attire is a must. Traditional attires like kurta, sherwani or Nehru jacket are best for the festive season, wedding, pooja or some family gathering.

Fashion Oomph! wardrobe essentials for every men

8. White Button Down Shirt

The most versatile piece of cloth, it can be worn from job interviews to weddings, wear it with the suit for a formal look or with chinos for a more casual look. Invest in a good quality white, crisp and slim fit shirt as it is a basic need and will last for long.

Fashion Oomph! wardrobe essentials for every men

9. Blue or Pink Button-Down Shirt

Some colors are important in your wardrobe since you can’t wear white all the time. Similar to white, these are also a classic and a wardrobe staple. You can wear it for work as well as casually for the weekend when paired with jeans, sports coat or under a sweater.

Fashion Oomph! wardrobe essentials for every men

10. White and Black Solid T-Shirt

A classic that will never go out of style. You should own one which perfectly hugs your body. It can be worn under a blazer or jacket or on its own with a good pair of denim. It goes perfectly fine with almost anything from Denim to Pants. This is a wardrobe staple so buy it from a good brand so that it would be comfortable and will last longer.

Men wardrobe essentials by Fashion Oomph!

11. The Polo Shirt or T-Shirt

A summer staple, casual, neat and slightly sporty. Pair it with jeans, throw a cap and you are good to go. Ralph Lauren is most famous for its smart polo t-shirts. It’s not just limited to the golf course and country club, you can wear it casually for brunch and outings.

Men wardrobe essentials by Fashion Oomph!

12. Classic Pair of Jeans

It’s a no-brainer. One can own two to three different pair of jeans but if you are investing in only jeans then it should be a classic piece which you can pair with anything in your wardrobe. A classic piece should be straight or slim fit, blue color, not too dark, not too light, it shouldn’t be ripped, embroidered or have any kind of patchwork as these trends might go out of fashion anytime. Invest in a good classic piece. It’s a life-saving, stylish clothing item. You can go for a classic Levi’s jeans.

Men wardrobe essentials by Fashion Oomph!

13. Slim Fit Chinos

You can’t wear jeans all the time so another classic and smart casual piece is chinos. You can buy it in the color khaki or navy as these two colors can be worn with anything. You can pair it with a shirt, t-shirt, sweater or jacket.

Men wardrobe essentials by Fashion Oomph!

14. Sweatpants or Track Pants

Sweatpants are not considered to be a lazy man wardrobe staple, in fact, it is in trend and a must have for relaxed weekends and holidays. Sweatpants/ track pants or joggers are the most comfortable form of lowers there ever will be.

Men wardrobe essentials by Fashion Oomph!

15. Chino Shorts

Summers can be really harsh at times, and wearing pants all round season can be really boring, chino shorts can make you feel refreshed and it looks great in summers. Stick to neutrals or some basic colors like beige, khaki, and navy as they can be paired easily with many different options. The ideal length is just above your knee.

Fashion Oomph! wardrobe essentials for every men

16. Bathing Suit or Swimming Trunks

You go swimming or not, you live near coastal region or not, doesn’t matter. I am sure, you go for holidays and a decent pair of bathing suit or swimming trunks should be handy. You will never know when you might need them.

Fashion Oomph! wardrobe essentials for every men

17. The White Sneakers

Ever since Adidas Originals launched its Stan Smith White Sneakers, it became essential. One can wear it with literally anything. Be it shorts, trousers, denim etc.

Fashion Oomph! wardrobe essentials for every men

18. Pair of Lace-Up Shoes

Every Gentleman needs good quality dress shoes. Black and Brown oxford or derby shoes are simple, basic, elegant and useful. Wear it a suit, tux or just shirt. Investing in a quality dress shoe is always worth it.

Fashion Oomph! wardrobe essentials for every men

19. Boots

Boots have become an essential part of every gentleman’s wardrobe. They are not limited to fall and winter wardrobe, in fact, they are so versatile that you can style them in summer and spring as well. They look neither dressed-up nor casual, it is year-round essential. It looks perfect with a pair of jeans, can even be worn with a suit. You need to choose wisely what kind of boots do you prefer – Chukka boots, Chelsea or lace-up boots.

Fashion Oomph! wardrobe essentials for every men

20. Socks

White socks are not the only socks available on the market. A man should have a variety of nice, clean socks, if not in colors then at least in types as different shoes require different socks to go with it like plain and patterned dress socks, ankle socks, no show socks, gym socks etc.

Fashion Oomph! wardrobe essentials for every men

21. Tie

A tie is also a wardrobe essential, though you wouldn’t need to wear it every other day it’s a must to keep at least one plain-colored classic silk tie that will go with every single suit combination.


22. Belts

Trousers look complete when worn with a belt, also it makes sure your pants don’t slip. Invest in two black and brown good quality leather belts and you are sorted for life.

Fashion Oomph! wardrobe essentials for every men

23. Cufflinks

A good pair of cufflinks is a must. It makes you look professional and stylish. It is a piece of jewelry for men which is both functional and ornamental. Cufflinks also come in many shapes, sizes, styles, and materials just like buttons.

Fashion Oomph! wardrobe essentials for every men

24. Leather Wallet

If you are the one who shoves their things in their pockets then it’s time to change that habit. You want to be called a gentleman then kindly act like one. If you consider some wallet lucky for you but it is falling apart then my dear, forget those orthodox and change it. Go for a thin version of a leather wallet or a cardholder will also do.

Fashion Oomph! wardrobe essentials for every men

25. A clean and simple timepiece – Watch

After shoes, the watch is the second close thing which people (especially women) notice in any person. Though we all are used to of watching time on our mobiles but wearing a watch will never go out of style. A well-chosen watch makes you look elegant and completes the look.

Fashion Oomph! wardrobe essentials for every men

26. A hat, cap or snapback

A gentleman should have a good baseball cap and it’s perfect for those lazy days when you don’t want to style or wash your hair but you still want to make a style statement. A hat is a classic menswear piece, it is effortlessly stylish.

Fashion Oomph! wardrobe essentials for every men

27. Sunglasses

No one can go wrong with Wayfarers or Ray Ban Aviators. It suits most of the face cuts. It protects your eyes from sun’s harmful UV rays and makes you look extra stylish.

Fashion Oomph! wardrobe essentials for every men

28. Cologne/Perfume

When someone smells good, it automatically makes them more attractive. Having said that who likes to smell bad, anyway so one needs to have at least one good perfume. Never bathe in perfume, just spray a little on your neck and arms.

Fashion Oomph! wardrobe essentials for every men

29. Modern Day Bag

It’s time to say goodbye to your college laptop or luggage bag, it’s time to buy a bag which is well-crafted, can perfectly hold your laptop, clothes and other important stuff. It should be solid and should look good too. Go for a leather/ canvas bag or briefcase, it looks perfect for a weekend trip as well as for the office.

Fashion Oomph! wardrobe essentials for every men

30. A grooming kit or Dopp kit or Toiletry bag

To keep your things organized an essential kit is a must. If you are a traveling man or go to a gym, you need a place to stow the things.

List of must haves in your Dopp kit:

  • Toothbrush, Toothpaste
  • Shaving kit
  • Soap or Body Wash
  • Shampoo and Conditioner
  • Moisturiser and SPF Cream
  • Comb or Brush
  • Gel or Wax
  • Deodorant or Perfume
  • Lip Balm
  • Nail clipper and Scissors
  • Basic Medicines or first aid items
  • Lint Roller
Fashion Oomph! wardrobe essentials for every men

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